BH Easy Motion

BH Easy Motion XENION CROSS 350w E-Bike

$4,399.00 $3,699.00 -16%
  • BH Easy Motion XENION CROSS 350w E-Bike-Electric Bicycle-The Electric Spokes Company

BH Easy Motion

BH Easy Motion XENION CROSS 350w E-Bike

$4,399.00 $3,699.00 -16%

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Why Easy Motion?


In the emerging field of electric bikes, Easy Motion offers our customers a cutting edge, innovative product at a great value that is backed by a team that always has the customer's care in mind. We think that there is an electric bike for everyone, and are determined to get as many people on our products as possible! Simply put, we want to be the best electric bicycle supplier in North America, and we will work tirelessly in order to achieve that honor.

About the BH Easy Motion Xenion Cross E-Bike


Its 350W Performance central engine, offers a high efficiency, a 60 Nm (Performance) or 70 Nm (Performance CX) maximum torque, a maximum assistance of 1:3. and a speed of up to 20 MPH.


TORQUE - RHYTHM AND SPEED The three sensors provide maximum driving accuracy and a 100% reactive and powerful assistance, with no jerking.


170 Wh/Kg The powerful batteries integrated in the Bosch Performance and the Performance CX models have up to 95km and 120 km of autonomy.


The detachable Intuvia display placed on the handlebars works as an onboard computer that assists the cyclist while driving. It has multiple functions: autonomy, assistance modes, distance, speed, lights... and a USB charging port.