Chris and Cindy Caiazzo signed the Voltaire Cycles' franchise agreement on August 24th, 2017. On December 2nd, they officially opened their store in Denville NJ. Form the first week of document signing to their opening on the first weekend of December, Chris and Cindy inspired countless members of their family, friends, business colleagues, and community volutneers to rally behind their dream. 

Neither Chris or Cindy had any previous experience in the bicycle industry, or in opening and operating a retail operation of this size. This is what makes a Voltaire Cycles Franchise a truly unique business model. We have developed a blueprint that enables any entrepreneur, individual, and/or investor with no prior experience,  build a successful electric mobility retail franchise.

We take our role as "franchisors" very seriously. We are passionate about the future of e-mobility, but even more passionate to help entrepreneurs realize a dream that promotes healthy living and a sustainable environment. We review each step in our business operation manual, and ask three questions: "Is this step absolutely necessary? "How important is this step to the franchisee's ultimate goal to succeed financially?" "How challenging will this be for the franchisee to accomplish?"

The Voltaire Cycles owner's operating manual is our secret sauce for building, opening, and operating an e-mobility franchise. It provides a step-by-step guide from searching for the ideal location, to staff training and mechanic/technician certifications, to marketing and social media development. We provide a complete website with integrated inventory systems that work seamlessly with our POS hardware. Perhaps the most beneficial is our specially designed opening inventory list which details to the last hub nut which parts, pieces, replacement parts, and accessories needed for a first time e-bike retailer. It is designed not so that a franchisee is forced to sell certain models of e-bikes, but that the selection of inventory enables the franchisee to determine his/her demographic quickly and effectively. From there, they can easily build out their ultimate store inventory line which meets the needs and interests of their service area. 

No other cycling franchise provides this level of strategic thought to opening a competitive retail operation. Our business model is driven by real-time data that's gathered from multiple sources prior to signing the lease and continues on through the first 2-3 months of opening. It is crafted to insure that each franchisee can adapt to his/her market without having to comply with other types of franchise operations which mandate certain quotas, sales goals, and brand-centered philosophies. Our opening inventory list includes all of the basics, at the best margins possible in the industry, but provides flexibility on the pricing of the e-bikes, trikes, boards and scooters which are placed on the showroom floor. More importantly, we walk with the franchisee, listen to their feedback, and observe through interactions with customers to help further refine the ideal marketing and inventory strategy. 

Purchasing a franchise business is an excellent solution for anyone interested in running a business with a proven model for success. It's difficult to imagine how to open an electric-mobility retail operation if you have no prior experience in this technology, or in the applications to bicycles, trikes, and scooters. Voltaire Cycles Franchises business model enabled Cindy and Chris to achieve their goal in less than 3 months. What might we do for you?