Our Product Brands

Consumers want choice. Choice enables us to compare and contrast different products that achieve the same results. Voltaire Cycles Franchises is about choice. Wouldn't you prefer to test ride several different eMTBs before settling on the one you'll buy?

Our core focus is the continuing research, data-collection, market-testing, and review of new products featuring new technologies. We test brands through a select number of channels, and gather data on those brands such has "how many bikes came out of the box with some type of damage?" "How many had problems after they were built?", "How many customers brought them back for service within the first month?"

We also know that as the e-mobility industry matures, consumer attitudes and behaviors will change. The brands and models that are popular today many not be popular tomorrow. It's our job to insure that franchisees are equipped with the most competitive electric-assisted vehicles in the industry - and to insure that Voltaire Cycles Franchises is the most competitive retailer for e-mobility products.

Voltaire Cycles Franchises works exclusively with manufacturers and suppliers committed to safety, quality and commerce according to U.S. regulations. The brands below represent some of the best for their commitment to quality, safety, and service.















Bintelli E-Bikes and E-Scooters

Bagi Bikes