We are continually researching, testing, and reviewing products by new brands. As a dynamic franchise company, it's our job to insure that franchisees are equipped with the most competitive electric-assisted vehicles in the industry. 

Some of our brands are functioning as independent dealers with branded stores under their own name. That's perfectly ok. For franchisees who may be considering a Voltaire Cycles franchise in an area which is already covered by a branded store by one of the manufacturers that Voltaire Cycles represents, it is in all likelihood that the brand will be omitted from that franchisee's inventory. , This should not be a problem. Since consumers are hungry for diversity, and actively seek comparative opportunities, our franchisees have enormous opportunity to sell a multitude of brands which will attract an even broader audience than if they were representing just one brand. 

Voltaire Cycles Opening Shop at Electric SpokesVoltaire Cycles is also very careful not to represent deep-discount brands with uncertain manufacturing standards, and uncertain warehouse/supply chains. If a consumer purchases a product from Voltaire Cycles, they should have complete confidence that we can provide warranty service on that brand, and provide replacement parts for anything that may occur to this vehicle in a reasonable period of time.

One of the realities that franchisees experience is the service of these deep discounted e-bikes purchased from Amazon, Ebay, and other sources. Many online customers will hope that we at Voltaire Cycles can help fix their purchase once it breaks. Sometimes, we are able to find a controller, or a throttle replacement. Other times, the labor cost, and the effort to acquire the part is beyond the cost of the e-bike itself. This frequently ends with that difficult decision of fixing their ride, or upgrading to a more respected, (and supported) brand. Naturally, we encourage them to consider investing in a product that is supported.

All this is to say that Voltaire Cycles scrutinizes it's brand selection carefully making certain to include and represent brands that have proven track records, strong supply chains, a bright future in the e-mobility space, and a strong and committed warranty department.

Voltaire Cycles also insures that products it represents are manufactured with the highest level of safety, and shipped under the appropriate regulations governing the transportation of lithium-ion batteries. If a company is actively working to circumvent shipping regulation by not applying for hazmat label certification, then the same company is likely to cut corners on quality and safety in favor of profit. Voltaire Cycles works exclusively with manufacturers and suppliers committed to safety, quality and commerce according to U.S. regulations.

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