E-Bike News and Research

September 12, 2017, Bike Europe Directory
“According to the BPSA report, the e-bike category has nearly doubled its growth in value from USD 16.7 million (€ 13.95m) in the first half of 2016 to USD 31.8 million (€ 26.57m) through the first six months of 2017. The number of units shipped have also nearly doubled, from 8,213 in the first half of 2016 to 15,930 through the first half of this year.”

 January 2017, Cycling Industry News  
U.S. electric bike market up  “at least 50%”, says market analysts eCycleElectric


October 2017, The NPD Group
It’s Electric! E-Bikes Led by Higher Price Points Drive Bicycle Sales in the U.S.


2015 & 2016 March, Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports
“EBWR 2016 Update predicts 84,000,000 worldwide e-bike sales and 11,000,000 e-scooters in 2035. EBWR continues to provide information important to the movers and shakers in the LEV industry and those expecting to enter this dynamic space. 2015 edition includes: sales estimates for the major regions of the world out to 2035, trends in battery, motor and fuel cell technology, product innovation, identification of top manufacturers and regions where growth will occur…”


2015, LEED Bicyclology
E-Bike to the future: Sales and Trends. Are electric bikes a trend or are they here to stay?


January 2014, Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium
E-bikes in North America: Results from an online survey


July 2016, New York Times
The Surprising Health Benefits of an Electric Bike


April 2016, Navigant Research Report
Electric Bicycles Li-Ion and SLA E-Bikes: Drivetrain, Motor, and Battery Technology Trends, Competitive Landscape, and Global Market Forecasts


July 2016 CU Boulder Today
Electric assist bikes provide meaningful exercise, cardiovascular benefits

December 2017, Journal of Transport Geography
Cycling was never so easy! An analysis of e-bike commuters’ motives, travel behavior and experiences using GPS-tracking and interviews


July 2017, Journal of Transport & Health
“Comparing physical activity of pedal-assist electric bikes with walking and conventional bicycles”


2015 January, The League of American Bicyclists
Electric Bicycles: Public Perceptions & Policy. Results and analysis of a national survey of American Bicyclists.


April 2016 European Journal of Applied Physiology
Pedelecs as a physically active transportation mode


August 2014, National Institute of Transportation and Communities
Regulations of E-Bikes in North America