Bicycle Repairs (all brands)


The Electric Spokes Co. services all bicycle, trike, and recumbent brands. We also build custom bikes, wheels, and retro-fit electric assist systems to existing bikes. Shop mechanics are proud graduates of the Barnett Bicycle Institute, and the Light Electric Vehicle Association with advanced certifications from BBI, LEVA, Shimano, and Bosch. 


Bike RepairsHouse-Call! - $20.00 flat rate.
Consider that any tune-up package below is available at your home for a small travel fee. House-calls are available to all residents within a 10-mile radius from Verona only. Some restrictions may apply. Call to schedule an appointment: (973) 500-3082.

Big D’s Extreme Adventure Tune - $165
The Big D’s Adventure Tune is designed for the high mileage rider or serious trail rider. The Big D includes: The Classic Tune and Tempest Fugit Tune PLUS a deep-dive drive-train cleaning, bottom bracket to headset bearings, Q-tip frame and wheel cleaning, and off-bike wheel truing and spoke tensioning. Add $40.00 for recumbent trikes.

The Essential Bike Maintenance Service - $75
The Electric Spoke’s Essential Bike everyone’s favorite all-around, essential maintenance service for bicycles. The Essential Bicycle Maintenance Service  includes Tempest Fugit Tune services with added services of light frame and wheel cleaning, headset, bottom bracket and hub bearing adjustments. Add $25.00 for recumbent trikes.

Tempest Fugit Tune - $50
For the rider that needs basic adjustments, the Tempest Fugit Tune addresses the critical points of your bike’s operating systems. This includes: shifting system lube and shift indexing, brake system lube and adjustment, chain lube, on-bike wheel true (lateral only), and security check of all accessories.

Young Roadster Tune - $45
For any single speed or children’s bike. The Young Roadster Tune includes: headset and hub bearing adjustment, brake system lube and adjustment, light chain cleaning and lube, and wheel true.

Tire and Tube Service (per wheel) - $15
Install tire and tube including any sealant, rim tape, or other tube-systems. Does not include tubes or parts.

Additional Services
As a full-service shop, we’re equipped and trained to handle most all of your repair needs including many computer and electrical systems which aren’t normally covered in a bike shop. We repair almost every cycle brand, and style including recumbent, trikes, extreme, cross, downhill, vintage, road, and much more. Please contact us for more information on custom services.

Component Installations
Child Seat - $40
Rear/Front Rack or Fender (each) - $24
Tape/Wrap Handlebar - $20
Cycle Computer (most brands) $20-$34*
Mirror - $7
Pedals - $7
Kickstand - $7
Accessories (lights, locks, pumps etc.) - $7

Maintenance Packages
Frame and Wheel Cleaning - $40
Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning - $35
Ceramic Bearing Retrofit - Hourly

Basic Services
Disc Brake Service 1 - $40
Disc Brake Service 2 - $80
Suspension Service  - $25-$125
Rear shock Service - $40

Electric Systems
Install E-System on any Bicycle - $180*
Install E-System on Trike - $280*
Install E-System on Tandem - $400*
E-system problem diagnosis - $50
Install Cycle Computer - $40
Install Hub Dynamo Motor and Lights - $90

Wheel Services
Spot Wheel True (lateral only) - $20
Precision Wheel True (per wheel) - $40
Complete Custom Wheel Building $95 (per wheel)

Assembly Services
Conventional Bicycle Assembly and Tuning - $80
E-Bike Assembly (from boxed e-bikes) - $100**

Additional Services - $60/Hour

*Approximate cost. Does not include components, mounting hardware, or parts.
**Does not include installation of motor systems that are not pre-installed on the bike.