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Electric Spokes Co. The Original

The Electric Spokes Company is a premiere PEV retail store. We specialize primarily in cycling solutions including electric-assist bicycles, electric recumbent trikes, electric cargo vehicles, electric skateboards, electric scooters, and other electric assist vehicles for special needs. We also carry conventional bicycle, trikes, and a complete array of accessories from bicycle bags, to high-powered lights. Our motto is “Ride far, ride free, ride green”.

Denville, New Jersey

Based in Denville, NJ, Voltaire Cycles is a reliable resource when it comes to anything and everything to do with bicycles—electric or traditional. We provide a plethora of bicycle products, which include electric bicycles, electric recumbent trikes, electric skateboards, conventional bikes, electric scooters, and numerous other electric assist modes of transportation.

We not only operate as a convenient online store for all things related to bicycling, but also serve as the neighborhood bike shop. We strive to maintain a welcoming atmosphere where people with the love for bicycles can bask in the pure love for the craft! We work to provide all our customers with bicycle products that uphold the highest standard of quality and the latest in innovation!

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