Why Purchase a Franchise?

Have you ever imagined yourself as the CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise – employing 1000s of people and living the high life? This dream is a big part of why people believe in this great country. The America that inspires so many, the country that offers anyone a chance at making that dream come true.  

Ironically, starting a business from scratch is one of the riskiest financial decisions you can ever make. Each year, 10s of thousands of entrepreneurs do just that – they start their own business. But most will fail quickly. Out of all of those entrepreneurs, 95% s will be out of business within their first year. It’s a sobering truth, but it’s also not the complete truth. Almost all of those failures are people who did not know how to run a business, and who took risks and made bad decisions.

This fact is why most people who want to get into owning and building a business will do so under the guidance of a franchisor. Most people think that franchises are mostly fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Burger King. The truth is that many types of businesses are franchises, and most any type of retail or service business can become a franchise.

So what is a franchise? A franchise is a proven business model that provides all of the business management, systems, products, equipment, training, and “know-how” to enable you to succeed as a business owner. Much of the guesswork has been taken out of the business equation when purchasing a franchise. All of the vendors, product reps, marketing design, retail displays, and procedures for hiring and training staff are baked in the plan which saves you 10s of thousands of dollars in risk capital you would be assuming if you’d started the business from scratch. Even if you have a great idea for starting a fast-food burger joint to rival McDonald’s, are you certain you can develop the efficiency of ordering supplies, maintaining produce, managing payroll, and still keeping your price of a burger competitive with McDonald’s? It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to develop systems that are profitable and proven.  

A Franchise has all of the answers in place long before you open your doors. With a franchise business,  you get proven methodologies for attracting customers, building a client database, and building a reputation that people will likely have heard about long before you open your first franchise doors. You are supported by a national brand name which actively invests in building that name nationally. Customers are more likely to shop with a brand name they recognize because the recognition signal legitimacy.

For a newcomer to opening a business, it’s hard to compete with the huge benefits of a franchise system and if you haven’t already guessed, Voltaire Cycles is one of the newest franchise offerings on the market today. With more e-bikes and e-mobility products being sold than any other electric vehicle in the world, you have a growing market just waiting to come in your front door. We have all of the systems from your website, to your cash register, and teach you everything you will ever need to know to run a highly profitable and successful electric mobility franchise business.

Are you interested in receiving some more information? Fill out the following form and one of us will contact you directly within the next hour. Voltaire Cycles is looking for franchisees to build the largest retail network of electric mobility providers in the U.S. You could be a part of that success.